TOPS 8D (Team oriented problem solving)

5W2H, the Ishikawa diagram, 5W, 8D

About training:

The TOPS 8D (Team Oriented Problem Solving) is a structured tool for team-oriented problem solving. By using the defined steps and support tools, it leads the team towards discovering and eliminating the root causes of a problem using effective correctional measures. It is possible to use the tool for either solving internal problems, or external reclamations. It is also suitable for suppliers to require the tool`s application.


  • Clarify when and under what conditions is it possible/required to use this tool
  • Understand the correct use of the TOPS 8D for explaining and methodical process demonstrating
  • Solve a real example in a team with a form fill-out and by using tools such as “is – is not” entry, “brainstorming”, “brainwriting”, “5W” …
  • Train the real-time tool management and a real organizational problem (2-day training allows that)

Target group:

Employees with a responsibility for problem solving and failure removal in the entire production chain (supplier care, production process, contact with the customer).

The training is mainly meant for every potential participant of the 8D process.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 2 days

Expert guarantor: Ing. Michal Jančok


Note: The training includes the up to date VDA 8D Method manual: Problem Solving in 8 Disciplines.