SYMA 2023

Our lecturers Roman Brziak and Michal Jančok will participate in Conference for management systems – SYMA – 30.-31.03.2023 Prague At the same time, Michal Jančok will be one of the panelists at the round table on the topic: Core Tools of quality in the automotive industry in practice (Core Tools)


On the IAA website, we updated and modified the overview of trainings that we provide to our customers. They are divided into four main categories. Just click on the appropriate red category box, and a detailed menu will expand. You will find it easy to find an overview of: the system standards trainings; auditing these […]

IAA SK – 5 years anniversary

These days we commemorate the nice anniversary of 5 years since the founding of IAA SK. This sister of the Czech IAA CZ continues the almost 20-year tradition of providing professional services in the field of management systems and quality tools. We do them the best we can. After all, over the years, the circle […]

VDA 2: 2020, 6th Edition – PPF (Production Process and Product Approval)

In 2020, the VDA QMC issued an update of the VDA 2 – PPF standard for the production process and product approval. Especially for German OEMs, it is a key tool for approval of new and changed supplier´s products. The exercises and examples are the part of our training to understand the methodology. We introduce […]


Feel free to choose from our current offer of trainings in the field of quality systems and tools, as well as specific customer requirements, or expert trainings for paint shop team members and other surface treatment teams. Our TRAINING PROGRAM can help you process the Training Plan for your teams. On behalf of our company IAA, we […]

News and Technical Training

Here is the offer of new training for 2018
IATF 16949: 2016, FMEA Machinery, Self-assessment: Formel Q audit / D / TLD audit.
Professional Technical Training (Surveying and Analysis of Surface Treatment, Protection of Rubber and Plastic Products, Surface Protection of Metallic Materials, Metal Surface Treatment)