Reverse FMEA

About training:

Reverse FMEA or Reverse Process FMEA is a methodology for proactive risk mitigation in production processes. It is a revision of every defective state included in Process FMEA, directly in the production process. Reverse FMEA is conducted among organizational teams to test whether for every defective state there is an appropriately managed (preventive / detective) measure, and that these measures function as intended.

Reverse FMEA is supposed to be a tool helping with Process FMEA revisions and with RPN reduction activities based on real audit data about defective states of productions plants and operations. Such revisions can reveal new defective states that were not considered in Process FMEA during its creation.


  • Customer specific requirements on Reverse FMEA
  • Reverse FMEA as a proactive, preventive approach to Process FMEA updating and revising
  • Implementing and adapting the Reverse FMEA methodology
  • Reverse FMEA planning, realization, assessment, and follow-up measures
  • Introducing Reverse FMEA assessment formats

Target group:

A multidisciplinary team focused on employees working in a process development, production, quality, and maintenance department.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 1 day

Expert guarantor: Mgr. Roman Brziak


Note: It is possible to complete the Reverse FMEA training separately as a 1-day training or as a part of the Process FMEA training.