Quality Wall (100% additional inspection)

About training:

The term “Quality Wall” qualifies as an additional operation beyond the scope of standard inspections, usually after the final inspection. The purpose of the QW is to avoid supplying unmatched products to the customer. It is implemented either as a preventive measure (in the beginning of the project, at significant changes to the product/process and so on), or as a (temporary) correctional measure regarding quality problems.


  • Understand the goals of a 100% additional inspection and problem analysis
  • Show an overview of requests for additional inspection by car manufacturers and their suppliers (the VW escalation processes, Daimler, GP12, CS-2…)
  • Explain the implementation, realization, assessment, and criteria for additional quality inspection removal
  • Practical exercises for QW implementation and management

Target group:

Employees responsible for communication with customers and suppliers in the pre-production phase, also in mass production, for example supplier care, production quality, customer service, and reclamation.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 1 day

Expert guarantor: Mgr. Roman Brziak