Auditing of quality tools (APQP / VDA-RGA, PPAP / VDA 2, FMEA, CP, MSA, SPC + Capability, TOPS 8D)

About training:

Competency requirements on internal auditors acc. to the IATF 16948:2016 standard include i.e. “understanding of applicable core tool requirements related to the scope of the audit”. As a part of a complex internal auditor training acc. to the IATF 16949:2016 standard we offer a reduced training to understand quality tools from the auditor`s POV (APQP / VDA-RGA, PPAP / VDA2, FMEA + CP, MSA, SPC / Capability studies, Problem Solving). It is necessary for the VDA 6.3 manufacturing process auditors` qualification to demonstrate the knowledge of quality tools and quality management methods.


  • The purpose and possible application of individual quality tools – briefly
  • Explain how to correctly audit quality tools – what to focus on
  • How to verify the correctness of a quality tool`s implementation in organizational conditions in an audit
    • APQP / VDA RGA – Planning of product realization (project management)
    • PPAP / VDA 2 / – Product approval / presentation process
    • FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
    • CP – Control Plan
    • MSA – Measurement System Analysis
    • SPC – Statistical Process Control + Capability studies (Cm/Cmk, Cp/Cpk indexes)
    • TOPS 8D – Team Oriented Problem Solving 8 Disciplines

Target group:

The training is aimed at the IATF 16946 standard auditors and/or manufacturing process auditors, who have not completed the full quality tools training.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 2 days

Expert guarantor: Mgr. Roman Brziak