Machinery FMEA

(Machinery Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)

About training:

Machinery FMEA is a special version of FMEA, focused on the analysis of the design of a manufacturing device and specialized machine equipment for prepared manufacturing processes. It supports the design of specifications of a manufacturing device, the manufacturing device design revision, and its production. The tool`s effectivity consists of identification of causes of potential failures concerning production device, their elimination, alternatively setting up control mechanisms (integration of control/managing systems into production devices).


  • Identification of the Machinery FMEA needs and its role in a project
  • Adopt the Machinery FMEA methodology, introduction of the standard criteria of risk assessment
  • Clarify links to the design of production lines, devices, tools
  • A manual on how to create and maintain corresponding documentation

Target group:

A multidisciplinary team focused on employees working in a process design and manufacturing department and the ones preparing production line and tools.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 2 days (training and workshop)

Expert guarantor: Mgr. Roman Brziak