Internal Auditor IMS acc. to ISO 14001:2015 + ISO 45001:2018

About training:

We offer an internal auditor IMS training in various combinations (QMS + EMS, QMS + OHSMS, EMS + OHSMS and QMS + EMS + OHSMS). An internal IMS auditor`s goal is to provide an independent and objective IMS evaluation within an organization, the level of fulfilment of the up to date IMS standards, and the efficiency of implemented activities.


  • Explain shared system requirements for each IMS standard
  • Understand the requirements of the up to date IMS standards` editions, a detailed interpretation of standards
  • Show the IMS application in practice using examples and exercises
  • Explain the auditing principles acc. to the ISO 19011 standard
  • Practical exercises – audit program, audit plan, audit report – conclusion formulating

Target group:

Workers from various organizational departments with the knowledge of organizational processes, manufacturing processes and products. The training is a part of the IMS auditor qualification.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 2 days + 1 day of ISO 19011

Expert guarantor: Mgr. Eva Zaťková


Note: For more detailed information you can read the description of the QMS, EMS, OHSMS, and the ISO 19001 separately.