FTA – Fault Tree Analysis

About training:

FTA is a logical, systematic object examination aiming at identifying and analyzing the probability, causes, and effects of possible defective states. FTA is a deductive method, that helps to analyze an unwanted defective state of the system using bool logic into the chain of lower subsystems states. The result is a graphical model describing various combinations of device`s faults and human errors that could lead to a said defective state. The method is applicable to the identification of fault sources (root causes) and to ranking the probability/frequency of origin of causes, and chain rundown all the way to a defective state.


  • Explain the purpose of FTA
  • Introduce the FTA methods, steps of application
  • Explain the procedure of the FTA assembly and assessment methods: qualitatively/quantitatively
  • A manual on how to create and maintain corresponding documentation

Target group:

A multidisciplinary team focused on employees working in a product development department.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 2 days

Expert guarantor: Mgr. Roman Brziak