Surface treatments of metal materials – NEW

(Accredited training program of further education)

About training:

The training program is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport acc. to the Law no. 568/2009 of the Collection of Laws about lifelong learning. By completing the program, the attendant will gain an overview on the types of coating treatments and the technologies of application. They will also get to know the surface coatings quality assessment and the methods of coating treatments quality inspection.


The curriculum is compiled so that it covers all the areas of coating treatments in the framework of 6 topics within 48 hours – from pretreatment, application, choosing the right treatment to quality assessment:

  • Metal materials degradation
  • Methods of surfaces pretreatment
  • Coating materials – types, properties, and usage
  • Technologies of surface treatments
  • Assessment and analysis of surface treatments
  • Technical normalization in the area of surface treatments

Target group:

Primarily technologists, constructors, shift managers, and quality engineers in companies dealing with surface treatments of metals, but also science-research workers in the area of materials.

Type of certification:

The ones who complete the course will acquire a “Certificate of completion of the accredited learning program of further education” acc. to the Law no. 568/2009 of the Collection of Laws about lifelong learning.

Training duration: 48 hours

Expert guarantor: doc. Ing. Milan Olšovský, PhD.


Note: It is only possible to complete the course in the ZVS holding`s training facility, Dubnica nad Váhom LTD. A detailed scope of individual topics can be adapted to the customers` requests.