Self-assessment based on the VDA 6.3, D/TLD audit – VW group request

About training:

It is important for the Volkswagen AG (VW) suppliers to understand and implement the customer`s requests defined in an up to date Formel-Q edition – QM agreement with suppliers of VW Group.

That includes:

  • Self-assessment / audit based on the VDA 6.3 along with additional Formel-Q question requirements
  • A D/TLD audit as a specific audit for parts marked as “safety”


  • Explain self-assessment / audit acc. to the VDA 6.3 acc. to the Formel Q (additional questions requirements / audit results and audit report / improvement program)
  • Explain the D/TLD audit (manufacturing groups establishing / part selection, question assessment / audit results, audit report / improvement program, technical documents marking, D/TLD marking, D/TLD questions catalogue, D/TLD audit form)
  • Show examples from practice of self-assessment / VDA 6.3 audit acc. to the Formel Q and D/TLD audit

Target group:

VW Group suppliers – VDA 6.3 and VDA 6.5 and also PSCR auditors – Product Safety & Conformity Representative.

Type of certification: based on training completion – a confirmation of attendance

Training duration: 1 day

Expert guarantor: Ing. Michal Jančok