Rubber and plastic products protection

About training:

Polymer materials (rubber and plastics) and the products made from them have a significant role in everyday life. It is not important to just manufacture the polymer products, but to also protect them from various external influences and subsequently extend their durability. Protection of rubber and plastic products protection is a significant area of technology and the economic scope is also of importance. Nowadays, it includes not only the technological processes and procedures, but also a wide range of chemical compounds that are added into the products. The mechanism of their functioning is not just chemical but can also be physical. Nowadays, every area of chemistry technology has its “black book of forbidden materials”, which is why the development in this area is quite fast.


  • Aging of rubber and plastics (the mechanism, effects, symptoms)
  • Protection from aging and oxidation
  • Fire retardant
  • Surface treatments
  • Devices rubber coating
  • Coating materials
  • Development trends and directions

Target group:

The training is primarily meant for the workers from operations dealing with rubber and plastic products processing – technologists, quality engineers, team leaders (shift leader), but also constructors.

Type of certification: based on training completion and a test – a certificate

Training duration: 1 day

Expert guarantor: doc. Ing. Milan Olšovský, PhD.


Note: An overhead projector, alternatively internet connection must be at a disposal. A detailed scope of individual topics can be adapted to the customers` requests.